What People Are Saying About Biotulin® 

I consider myself to be a classic sceptic, especially when it comes to ‘miracle cures’ for anything, but Biotulin is simply fabulous! When I first heard about it, I had the usual ‘sounds too good to be true’ reservations and had to try it to believe it. I’m glad I did!
Biotulin is my little bit of luxury that gives my skin the real lift it needs to take away the signs of age, which are creeping up on me after a lifetime of outdoor Kiwi living.
Biotulin feels fresh and slightly zesty on my skin giving me an almost instant tighter feel on my face. My advice – try it!
Rachel C., Rodney

I am thrilled with the results I am getting from Biotulin. I feel the product is very natural, easy to use and my skin as lost a lot of discoloration marks. I am a fan for sure.
Irene B., Kaikohe

I have often looked in the mirror of late and thought of Botox -but simply hate the thought of needles and chemicals going into my body.

Until I heard of Biotulin – I was very sceptical at first and thought well another one again! But then I tried it and it really works! It smoothens away the fine lines and wrinkles and especially the forehead with all the worry lines! No more chemicals and would you believe it, even the husband is now addicted!
F. Cooper, Auckland

Biotulin is a fantastic gel that has reduced my wrinkles in very short time – Totally impressed and a must for all!
A. Morris, (age group: mid-fifty; )

I didn’t realise there was something other than botox that would work so well! My lines are on their way out! ...
Erin H., Dunedin

I have never used a product before, which gave me such a great result on my skin so fast. Being in my mid 50s, my forehead lines have been quite visible. I am using Biotulin since about 8 weeks (2nd bottle) and I can feel the tightening especially on forehead, frown line and around my eyes! Fabulous product!
Maria S., Auckland

I love Biotulin. – As a lady in the sixties, I have loved the effect Biotulin, in combination with my daily skin routine, has had on my skin. I used to look in the mirror and saw a tired face looking back. I now have a healthier, fresher, plumper looking complexion and receive many compliments about how well I look.
Sheila E., Titirangi-Auckland

I am suffering on blepharospasm (eye lid cramp) and since I am using Biotulin this condition has nearly disappeared. I am using Biotulin since about 4 weeks and I am very enthusiastic.
Birgit E., Auckland

I am completely delighted – my skin became smoother and suppler within a short period of time.
Anne K., Germany