Biotulin Supreme Skin Gel - 3 Pack

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paraben free

Biotulin is the world's first natural alternative based on herbal and organic plant extracts to replace Botulinum Toxin injections. Principally acting as an anesthetic, its results are visible within the first hour, while your facial expressions remain natural.


Apply Biotulin twice daily on cleansed skin.

Massage gently until the gel is absorbed, then proceed with your normal skin care routine.

Active Ingredients

Biotulin is a clear (water-based) gel, scent-free and paraben-free.

Its main components are plant extracts relaxing facial muscles:
Spilanthol (Acmella Oleracea – paracress plant) and Imperata Cylindrica (blady grass), complemented by Hyaluronic Acid, which hydrates the collagen fibers and therefore has a major anti-ageing effect.

Natural IngredientsNot tested on animals